Monday, July 12, 2010

Pea Pod

I started the Sweet Pea Pod Romper last week. I didn't think Kelly would like it because of the colors. I wasn't sure I liked it. But I went to visit her on Saturday, and she said it was okay. She didn't seem all that into it, but she didn't dislike it, so I kept going. The colors have grown on me. I'm not sure it's all that boyish, but oh well. I wasn't sure she'd like the previous one, and she LOVED it so much. She said she wanted it for herself, hahaha. (That one is still slightly too big for Christian, who is getting huge by the way! He is my little watermelon.) Anyway, here is the newest romper, still in progress. The colors have grown on me as I've gotten farther along. I think what I wasn't too fond of is that they don't blend into one another. It's just blue, blue, blue, PURPLE. With no transition. But as one big piece, rather than just from one stitch to the next, the purple streaks end up looking nice. The boldness is nicer as a whole, ha.

Some notes on the gusset: In the pattern, you are supposed to increase 2 st every row in each gusset up to 14 st. Then you take 3 from each side of each gusset and add them to the legs, leaving 8 in each gusset which you then graft together. I didn't try this, so I'm not speaking from experience, just logic, but it seems like the Sheepy Pants and Gift Wrap Romper method of just increasing to 8 and then picking up stitches from each side of the gusset would be more secure. So that's how I'm doing it. I'm increasing every other row instead of every row and only up to 8 rather than 14. Then I'll pick up 6 st along the gusset in each leg. I'll end up with the same amount of stitches all around. Who knows, maybe it's way better the other way, but it just makes more sense to me this way.

Anyway, we had another Knitting Alliance meeting this weekend. Alex and her mom, my Aunt Patty, came to Kelly's to hang out with us, and Alex and I did some knitting. I did some baby-holding. Christian did some spitting up (gag) and also lots of kicking, punching, smiling, wiggling, bouncing, and crying. It was a fun day! He's going through a grabby stage right now where he likes yanking on everything, and he just LOVES the bibs I made him! They are so soft and perfect for swinging and shaking and grabbing and flailing. And also for cleaning up tons of drool and spit-up.

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