Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Minor update

Nothing too exciting here. I have started like a zillion new projects and haven't finished any others. Yay :/

Bet you can't guess what these are:

Elephant legs. I'm knitting two little stuffed elephants, Ellie and Elton. These are Ellie's legs. I'm going to start Elton's legs later. He will be blue and green. I figured it would be less annoying to get all the legs out of the way first rather than knit one whole elephant and have to start over with the second. I'll just work on them at the same time.

I finished one sleeve of the Easy Baby Cardigan. I'm already sick of baby sweater sleeves, and I still have like 9 more to do...one on this sweater and two on each of the other four I'll be making. I have started one of those four, the Offset Wraplan. No good pictures yet. Size 4 needles and sport yarn. This will take even longer than the last one, yay. I did make it past the arm holes already, but it's still slow going.

Twist & Shout is coming along also. It's going to be a really awesome sweater when it's done! Here is the right front panel so far, just past the armhole already.

Finally, I am going to make an iPod cozy for my brand new iPod Nano! Just got it on Friday. I'm going to use leftover Stellar sock yarn that I had dyed and used for socks. Which made me decide to name my iPod Stella, haha. I name things. My old camera was Esmeralda. The new one has no name yet. My sewing machine is Rosie. My jeep is Natasha. My plants all have names, although most of them were suicidal and I only have 2 left, Charlize and Jezebel. Etc.

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