Sunday, August 29, 2010

Offset Wraplan finished!

I wasn't all that into this sweater from the beginning, and it was kind of slow going. I realized today after finishing the second sleeve that the collar and button band would not take all that long, so I finished it up tonight. Then I sewed on the buttons, and oh my, the buttons just totally make the sweater, and I am now in love with it!! So cute! I thought about yellow buttons which also looked good, but I thought the red and orange went nicely with the brown for a fall sweater.

I also should mention that I did the button band and button hole band reversed. The button band was on the left in the pattern, but in a lot of the pictures it was on the right, and I liked it better that way.

This is a 6-9 month, so Christian is getting it before Christmas. In fact, he is coming to visit next weekend, so I should have pictures of him modeling it shortly! Speaking of babies modeling my sweaters, here is my adorable new friend Sabine wearing the sweater I made her!

Her mom and I were good friends in high school but hadn't seen each other since. We got together the other day, and I got to see Stefanie after 11 years (!! yikes, I am getting old, haha) and meet Sabine, and it was a lot fun. Can't wait to hang out with them next time they're visiting!

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