Saturday, September 11, 2010

Knitting holiday

It is time to do something I hate - take a break from knitting for at least a few days. My hands are killing me. They ache all the time, and I have developed this weird thumb pain over the past month or so. Now my left elbow has started to hurt as well. I have been in knitting overdrive lately, as you may have noticed. I'm really afraid of getting arthritis in my hands and not being able to type or knit at all. Which means that I need to take it easy and save my hands from developing crippling arthritic pains before I even turn 30, ha, and therefore no more knitting for a few days. Boo.

So, to hold you over while awaiting the return of my constant updates, here is the progress I have made up until now.

I have about 4 1/2 inches left of the body of Something.

I finished the yoke and started the body of Jeannie.

I finished the first sleeve of T&S and started the second.

I restarted Leo on needles one size smaller.

And now I am going to rest my hands for a few days (other than typing, blah).

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