Friday, September 10, 2010

Vestee finished!

This is my third Vestee, but the first one I've done with a collar instead of a hood. I started doing the collar the way the instructions described, but I didn't like how the new stitches cast on at the end of each row were coming out. I thought it was going to be awkward to sew it on at the end, and I'd rather not sew it anyway, so I decided to do it my own way. I was originally going to pick up the same number of cast on stitches and then increase 4 on each row by picking up stitches from the collar instead of casting on, but I eventually decided to try short rows. I picked up all the stitches for the collar and then did short rows like so -

Pick up 82 st (I actually didn't bind off the neck stitches on the body, so I picked up 23, knit the 36 held stitches from the body, and picked up 23 more, but you could do it either way.)

*Knit in K1, P1 rib for entire collar even though I only wrote K.*

K one row in pattern
K58, w&t, PM
K38, w&t, PM
*K to 4 st past marker, w&t, PM* Repeat until working on all 82 st, picking up and knitting wraps as you get to them.

K all st in pattern until shorter ends of collar measure 1"
Sew down edges, overlapping.

I like how the collar came out, but I still prefer the hood.

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