Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I made a pair of Miittens for Christian to match his hat and scarf set. I knew I wanted to use the same yarn, whatever I had left over. I did not have enough orange to use any significant amount, and I wasn't sure if I had enough of any 2 of the remaining 4 colors to make both mittens. So I decided to do mismatched mittens, using 2 colors for one and 2 colors for the other. I couldn't really picture in my head how it was going to turn out, so I hoped for the best. I knew which colors would go together (Lemongrass Heather/Peapod and Asparagus/Parrot), but I wasn't sure which colors I wanted for the cuff versus the round part, so I just closed my eyes and picked one (Peapod), and started with that. The rest of the color scheme followed from there according to what I had already planned. I also had just enough orange left to do a small stripe on each, which I think really ties them together even though they don't technically match. I really wanted at least a touch of orange since that is the main color on the hat and scarf. Since they do match the hat and scarf, if not each other exactly, it still all comes together really nicely. I'm very happy with them! So cute.

And to add another project to my list, Vanessa emailed me last night asking if I would make her sister a uterus, ha. She's having a hysterectomy next month, so I guess they're having some kind of "goodbye period" party (and knowing the weird things they get up to, that should be something...), and Vanessa wants a knitted uterus to give her. So I agreed to make one. It's a pretty quick project, and I can have it done in a day or 2, but I'm not starting right away. I want to try to get some of the Jeannie and Swinging Stripe sweaters done first. I'll do the uterus this weekend, maybe.

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