Sunday, March 20, 2011

Girly bellbottoms finished!

I knit up another pair of Sheepy Pants to sell. They are very girly and more of what I was expecting to knit before Jillian turned out to be Christian, haha. (I was expecting a niece and got a nephew, and I haven't had a chance to knit girl stuff yet.) I think they came out pretty cute. These are a size small.

I ordered some lanolin and wool wash so that I can lanolize them before putting them up for sale, so that's mainly what I'm waiting for at this point. I also doubt that Mandie has gotten the paperwork in the mail yet since I mailed it on Friday, and it is now Sunday, so I'm not sure I'm "allowed" to sell yet anyway.

I have started a medium pair today, so I'll have a S, M, and L for sale along with probably 2 custom YYMN listings.

I also started cutting fabric for more bags. I have one cut and I did just the very beginning of sewing, and I have a second one partly cut (one fabric of two). I'm also probably going to buy more yarn to dye sometime soon. I'm keeping busy.

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