Friday, March 18, 2011

Sneak Attack on Etsy

I came home from a rough kickboxing class last night to find that my Etsy shop had been chosen for a Sneak Attack on Handmade Movement, a group that finds underappreciated shops and advertises them for a short time. The members then go and bombard the shop with hearts and even purchases! This was really, really awesome. I had 3 sales, 2 change purses and 1 skein of yarn, and a ton of attention!! It was totally out of the blue, and I had a really fun time getting so much traffic to my shop and even making a few sales. The person that chose me has her own shop, Handmade By Sandi, and has a lot of really cute things for sale. If I didn't have my ears stretched too large for regular earrings, I would definitely buy some as a thank you. I especially love these; they match my purse and my summer party dress.

They have a few different criteria for picking stores, like the store can't have more than a certain number of sales, it has to have been active recently, it has to have at least a few items that are $5 or less, etc. Apparently I fit the bill, and Sandi liked my shop enough to "sponsor" me for the evening! I also do think I was at least partly chosen because it was St. Patrick's Day and I have a yarn called Irish Shamrocks, haha. But it was really nice having so many people come on and "favorite" my stuff. I feel like I was just "discovered!"

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