Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green striped Sheepy Pants finished!

I finished these up last night at Sit and Knit. I was knitting with my fingers crossed for the last 3 rows or so because I was very close to running out of yarn. I ended up with about 4 inches of the lighter green left and less than a yard of the darker green. I reeeeeally cut that close, haha. But it worked out fine. I like these. They are going to be for sale. (I offered them to Kelly for Christian, but she said she'd prefer an elastic waist to the drawstring. I would just switch it to elastic, but with how little yarn I have left, I don't really want to mess around with it at this point!)

I contacted Mandie of Sheepy Time on Ravelry yesterday about the license since I still hadn't heard from them by email. She later forwarded me the address to send the contract to and some other information, so I'll get that mailed out shortly and start selling! I started another pair of longies last night, this one pink and purple, and I bought some yarn for even more longies.

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