Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I'm still waiting to hear from Amanda of Sheepy Time Knits about where to send the paperwork for the Sheepy Pants license. Since I am a maniac, I am in a minor panic that she is ignoring me, which my rational side is 100% certain is not really the case. Most people, unlike me, have lives and things to do, and it's likely that she hasn't yet had a chance to respond. I did pay for the license though, and I've been having weird monetary insecurities lately, so it's just freaking me out a little that I haven't heard from her. But I am also crazy and, lately, somewhat paranoid, haha.

Regardless, I do have a pair of Sheepy Pants that I am working on. I think I'll probably see if Kelly really likes these, and if she does, Christian can have them. Otherwise I'll sell them. I have a pink/purple pair planned that I doubt Christian will want, so they will be for sale. I think I'm also going to have 2 YYMN custom slots available, where you pay a deposit, send me yarn, and I knit whatever size you need, with varying prices for each size. I think I'll maybe have a couple already knit pairs for sale and a couple custom slots to start and see how things go.

But anyhow, here is the pair I'm working on which may or may not be for sale. The second leg is going to have a different stripe pattern. (The string kind of woven into the finished leg is just to mark where I plan to make stripes, so ignore that!)

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