Friday, March 11, 2011

Orange Striped Socks Finished!

I finished my latest pair of leftover socks! I really like these a lot. I used pink for the heels because I knew I wouldn't have enough of the two main colors if I used them for the heels too. Turns out I ran out of the darker orange on the very last row, not enough to bind off with. So I did the BO in pink too. Then I redid the BO on the first sock in pink. It has kind of a weird effect, but I like it.

I've finally decided to go ahead and license the Sheepy Pants pattern and sell some longies. I probably won't make and sell a lot of them, but even if I sell a couple pairs, it will pay for the cost of the license, so I think it's worth it to at least give it a try. I started a pair of Sheepy Pants today.

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