Friday, March 9, 2012


A more cheerful post, yay! I've been making sewing plans (with help from Amanda) for the dress for the christening. I'm going with the purple fabric I had originally picked out, along with green fabric for a sash. (Aaron didn't like the 2 fabrics together, but Gina and Amanda both liked them, and I think once he sees the finished product, he will like it better. If not, oh well, haha.) I'm going to add green ribbon on the straps, around the waist, and around the bottom in two rows. It's basically the same dress I made for Kelly's wedding, only I'm going to do it shorter, just above the knee instead of just below, and I'm going to have the sash. Since I'm going to do the ribbon around the waist also, I'd be able to wear it without the sash and still have it look interesting. Rather than just green on the straps and the bottom, there will be some in the middle to pull it all together, even without the sash. Also, one of the purses I made awhile ago, the one I have been using on a day-to-day basis, matches the green fabric for the sash, so that's going to pull everything together even better.

I think I can whip that up in a week, maybe two. I need a few things (for this project and a couple others) like thread and elastic and a zipper and so on, and I'm thinking a trip to Joann Fabric might be in order this weekend. I kind of don't want to drive there just for those few thins, so maybe I'll look for more fabric while I'm there. Eric and Beth are getting married in September, so I know I'll be making another dress in a few months. I can always pick out some fabric now. But really that's just an excuse to go to Joann, haha. I'm feeling excited about sewing again, and I feel like I need to keep the momentum going for when the wedding dress fabric arrives. (I re-ordered it yesterday.) I do NOT look forward to cutting that chiffon again. Not fun.

I cut out the fabric for the purple dress last night, and it's pretty exciting already. I love taking pictures of the fabric after it's cut but before any sewing. Then I can look back when it's done and think, "This dress used to be just all that cut fabric!" Or now, thinking, "That fabric will soon be a dress." Haha. I do need to cut a bit of interfacing, but that's no big deal.

I think this dress will look really great when it's done. I'm feeling in a positive mood today. Sorry about my recent rants and meltdowns, ha. Usually I keep that private, but I wanted to at least give some explanation for my lack of crafting lately (not in the mood due to general blah-ness at life issues) and also why I'm going to be resewing the wedding dress a third time, yay. Most of the time I am not so upset to the point of raving in public, even if only online, but it's a really frustrating situation. The funny thing is I never even cared about getting married until now, and suddenly I can't. Someday. It's okay.

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