Sunday, July 22, 2012

Scrap socks finished

I started these about 14 months ago.  Obviously I didn't work on them nonstop, haha. I finally got back into my knitting groove the other day by finishing these off.  They are made with scraps leftover from old socks, scraps that were too small to do anything like this or this or this with. I rounded up about 13 different colors, including the gray that I used for both heels.  I had Aaron pick each color as I went because I knew if I left it up to me, the stripes would end up organized and totally non-random.  As it turns out, they came out completely different with him in charge of the colors than they would have if I'd done it myself.  They are not really my favorite socks ever, but they came out pretty cool.  I would have liked them better if the variegated yarns were not included, but I used what I had and I had no other solids available to ensure enough yarn while at the same time having enough variety.  Overall I like them but don't love them.  The best part is they got me knitting again, and now I can't stop, ha. 

My current project is one of three that I couldn't decide between.  The others were Maeva and Skew.  Once again I let Aaron pick, and he went with the most complicated one, Garden Gate.  It was a good choice though.  This is my first real attempt at two-color stranded knitting other than some intarsia/fairisle hybrid stuff I've tried in the past on things like dog sweaters.  But this the first REAL serious stranded knitting.  And it's going well:

I'm getting the hang of holding two strands in one hand and flipping back and forth rather than picking up one strand and dropping the other EVERY TIME I switch colors which would be maddening and take 3 years.  I started this Friday afternoon, and I'm already nearly at the heel as of Saturday night.  So far so good!  I like the way it looks too.  I'm probably going to do the opposite sock with green heel/toe/cuff.  Of course.

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