Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Awesome stripes

I love these!  Of course now it is too warm to wear them.  Last week I was freezing to death slowly through my feet/legs and really could have used these.  Today I'm in a tank top with the window open.  But that's April in PA...and it will probably be like 20 degrees again later in the week or next week, so I may get to wear them yet!

Anyway, I did wider stripes than normal on these.  I usually do 6-round stripes, but these are 10.  I originally intended to knit knee socks, but then I figured why not keep going.  I was going to knit until I ran out of black, but it was lasting longer than I expected.  So then I decided to end the stripes just over the top of the knee plus another 2.5 inches for the cuff.  I used 85 g of black and 58 g of gray.  Those cuffs really ate up yarn, I guess. 

I love them so much.  I have no idea what to knit next.


  1. knit a skirt to wear with your knee socks!

  2. I know, I really should. I used to have a knitted skirt, but I think I gave it to Kelly.