Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I do not like entrelac.

I love the colors together and these look really nice, but if I finish them I will never wear them. For one, the fit is not great. They are just slightly too big in the foot. Knitting two less tiers of blocks was too small. I really need one less tier of blocks; however, to make the colors work out correctly, it would actually mean ripping back to the toe, extending the toe by a few rows, and knitting two less tiers total.  That alone is not a big deal, but I also hate the lumpy feel of the picked up stitches all along the bottom of the foot. Even if I got it to fit, I could never stand to wear them because of that, not to mention that I am not particularly enjoying the actual process of knitting entrelac. So these are getting ripped! I will definitely use these colors together for something else though.

My over-the-knee socks should be done later tonight!  They are great.


  1. They do look a bit loose! BUT they are super cute! :)

  2. I had a feeling they were going to be loose from the beginning, and I wasn't that into the actual knitting, so I figured I'd give it to the heel to decide if I liked it...and I don't! Haha, they look cute, but I totally would not wear them due to comfort reasons.