Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Entrelac update

I started the entrelac socks yesterday.  I am not sure how I feel about them.  I love the colors together.  I am kind of ambivalent about the actual technique though.  I kind of don't like knitting in entrelac, but I think I like how it is coming out.  It's not as snug as I would like.  It's overall quite stretchy.  I really think I am going to knit to the heel and then see how I feel about it.  It is growing on me more today than yesterday though, so maybe I just need time to adjust to something new.

My foot looks freakishly white here.  It is possible that it really looks that way, but I'm not sure, ha.  I'm very pale.

I did get really bored with it last night and knitted a little of my remaining striped over-the-knee sock.  I might try to do one stripe per day or something to break up the monotony of knitting back and forth over only 6 stitches at a time on the entrelac socks.  I am also getting really sick of the word entrelac, haha.


  1. They looked good, but I didn't like the fit and ripped them out. The ones I'm making instead are going to be pretty awesome too.