Monday, April 1, 2013

Over-the-Knees and Entrelac

I finished the first of my striped knee socks yesterday.  I've been working two at a time to make it easier to do the shaping the same.  I also realized that I wanted these to be over-the-knee socks, so doing one at a time would have meant starting this huge sock from scratch after finishing one.  As it stands, I am about 3/4 of the way through the second sock at the finish of the first sock.  As much as I want to show them off, I think I will wait until they are both done.  Suffice it to say that they are super fantastic.

However, they are temporarily going on hold, I think.  I want to participate in this month's Sock Knitters Anonymous sockdown challenge on Ravelry.  While I have until the end of May to finish April's socks, these are going to be knee socks in a technique that I have never tried before, entrelac.  While I think it's safe to assume that it will not take me an entire two months to complete these socks, I also don't want to be rushed if it turns out to be more difficult and/or time-consuming than I expected.  I do really hate leaving the striped socks unfinished though.  I'm such a one-project-at-a-time knitter; I hate the thought of this pair sitting nearly done for the next month or two while I work on the entrelac socks.  (I can always use the striped ones as more relaxing knitting if the attention needed for the entrelac requires an occasional break.)

Anyway, here is the pattern I will be knitting.  It's been in my queue since 2008, so I think it's about time to knit them.  I was getting ready to try this pattern out anyway and would have started them before the striped ones when I found out SKA's April challenge involved entrelac.  So I wanted to wait until April so that I could participate. 

I think I will go cast on now...

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