Monday, April 15, 2013


My Spring Roses socks are coming out great!  I was originally worried that the gauge would be too loose, but it is turning out really well.  (I use the Philospher's Wool technique for colorwork, so all the stitches are wrapped in back.  I think that helps keep it from being a loose weave.)

Also the pattern is not as complex as it seemed before I started.  Basically I'm working 4 charts at once right now, but the side charts are really easy to memorize, so I don't even need to follow them.  The front and back charts are different and a lot more detailed.  I do have to pay attention to what I'm doing, but if I don't get distracted about what round I'm on, it's easy.  (I do end up knitting part of the wrong round like every 10 rounds or so, but I haven't had any major issues.)

I did add two extra stitches to the front panel to add a plain row of MC on either side.  The pattern was blending into the first and last CC stitch at points, and I didn't like the look.  I had done about 10 rounds and then started over with the colorwork with an extra stitch on either side.  It looks a lot better.  I don't have pictures of the original attempt.

Anyway, here they are!  Here's the front and one side panel.  This is the left sock.  The right sock has the front panel reversed.

And here's the back and the other side.  (The dot pattern is the really easy-to-memorize part.)

I'm actually starting to feel confident that I will get these done in time the SKA Sockdown prize drawing.  I've done this much in 5 days.  Even if it takes another 2 weeks for this sock alone, I'll still have it done by May 31.  Yay!

Part of my original concern about getting it done in time was that we are redoing our whole bathroom currently.  But because of our conflicting schedules, we only really get to work on it two days a week.  My days off are filled with things like tearing up flooring and knocking out walls instead of knitting, but I still have the other nights when Aaron is working and I have nothing better to do than watch 5 episodes of Sliders in a row and knit for hours.  I hope our bathroom is done by the time my socks are done...Anyway, pictures of the bathroom will be coming when that ordeal is over.

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