Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mystery Sock

I ended up abandoning the Spring Roses socks.  I liked the pattern, but it just was not meant for fingering weight yarn.  I ended up reknitting the first sock almost entirely to add more room for the foot, and then still had to switch to size 4 needles towards the foot because it was too small, and I just didn't even feel like dealing with it.  So my second April Sockdown for the Ravelry Sock Knitters Anonymous group attempt was a failure too.  However, I have joined in the May Sockdown which is all about cables!  There is a mystery sock pattern going on, called Drip Drip Drop, designed by Claire Ellen who has a lot of nice patterns (mostly Lord of the Rings inspired, several of which I want to knit).  I'm not usually big on mystery socks because I want to know what I'm knitting before I start because I'm pretty particular.  But I like Claire's patterns in general and I liked what I saw of other people's socks after clue 1 (the mystery sock pattern is released in 4 parts, one a week for the month), so I figured I'd join in.  I've finished the first 3 clues and have to wait until Wednesday before the last part is released and I can finish my socks.

I'm knitting them in some yarn I dyed myself, the one I called Gina because it's purple.  This is also the one that Dexter molested as it was drying, slicing and dicing it up so that there are a zillion breaks in the yarn.  I've had to rejoin the yarn about 10 or more times so far.  But other than that, the yarn is really pretty and the pattern is going well.

Apologies for picture quality.  They are really quite nice in person, just hard to photograph.

I'm not really sure what to work on until the next clue is released though!  I do also want to knit several of Claire Ellen's other patterns, mainly Gollum, Galadriel, and Gimli, but next month's Sockdown is literary themed, so I might wait until then.  Actually Kelly asked me to make Christian a sweater in a larger size since he's outgrowing his older ones, so I might start on that.  I'm not sure what pattern I want to use.  Maybe another Playground Shirt but with a hood this time.  Kind of a Playground/Vestee combo. 

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