Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another Playground Shirt, with stripes!

I really liked Christian's first Playground Shirt, and it looks very cute on him. Since his birthday is (already!!!*) coming up in 2 months, I decided to make another one as his present. I used leftovers because I'm totally broke and cannot afford new yarn, ha. I used what CotLin I had left from his two Vestees. I wasn't sure I would like the two colors together, but it came out super amazing, ha. Seriously, it's so cute.

Also, assuming I don't run out of yarn, which is still too close to call at this moment, I will shortly have a very awesome stuffed giraffe finished!

*He was visiting recently and is getting so big and silly! He is close to walking but not quite there, but he crawls like a little speed demon around the house, climbs steps, and pushes clothes baskets around, using them like an old lady with a walker, haha. He's very fast and is just into everything now. Kelly has waaay more patience than I ever would, haha. I will let her make all the babies, and I will just make things for all the babies.

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